Home of the Beepig. Oh, and cool websites.

Tinkering is 'What We Do'. We're Elves.

Bzoink LLC is a small web company located in Cedar Springs, Michigan. We always have a handful of ideas just waiting to be created, nutured, and brought to life. We have some great sites already launched and thriving for you to enjoy too. Check out the 'Our Properties' link above to give them a try.

Of course, be sure to check back now and then to see if we have any new sites in the works or released. We hope you're as excited about our projects as we are.

Advertisers and Ad Networks

Thanks for your interest in Bzoink LLC! We assume you've come here from one of our web properties. We're always open to hearing about Ad Networks that we're not using yet. Not all of our properties display advertisements, and that's the way we like it. However, our biggest ones do. Give us a shout and let's talk.

Individual advertisers will soon be served as well. If you're not a part of a network and would like to advertise on one or more of our sites sit tight and we'll have an ad server running shortly. We'd really love to hear from you once we get this new system in place. Or, send an email our way and let us know there's interest. We'll move faster that way.

What is the Beepig?

People ask us all the time*, "What's a Beepig?". And we're always glad they ask! Beepigs are a rare, endangered species of insect. Bzoink LLC currently has protective custody of the only known Beepigs left on Earth. We take this responsiblity very seriously. Beepigs are a beautiful creature with the body of a common bumblebee, and the miniature head of a pig! Unconfirmed rumors suggest that Bzoink was named after these magnificent beings. Bzzz-Oink!

* Okay, not really. Hardly anyone ever asks us.